Salt Contemporary Art | Rob Freeman
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Rob Freeman

About Rob Freeman: 

Using only Mitsubishi pencils and Scholershammer Board, Rob Freeman’s minimalist yet striking drawings reflect the simplicity of the materials he chooses to work with to highlight the textures, patterns, personalities, vulnerabilities and behaviours of the birds he studies.

Through his work, we are reminded of the beauty and presence of birds in the wild, of the need to raise awareness of much needed conservation and to preserve our fragile land and its vulnerable habitants.

Previous art awards include winner of the drawing prize at the inaugural Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize and runner-up in the prestigious James Hardy Wild Life Art Prize.

“I’m not really much of a ‘twitcher’ in the traditional sense but find birds’ behaviour in the natural environment most fascinating.  Drawing birds is a challenge, especially when it comes to the feathers…. I do have a long-term interest in the environment and my recent drawings of the increasingly endangered Wedge Tail Eagle is timely considering they are currently under threat in Victoria.” (Rob Freeman)