Salt Contemporary Art | Joanne Sisson
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Joanne Sisson

About Joanne Sisson: 

The natural world thematically connects most aspects of my art practice. I have an interest in the ecology of the landscape and I am attempting to capture, within my artwork, how natural elements interact with each other.

Some of my landscape paintings document locations close to my home in Ballarat, Victoria. These often feature farm vistas or preserved forest environments.
In my travels to more remote locations in Australia I have recorded the diversities in vegetation, climate and geology. Recent impacts from human activity into ecologically sensitive places also inform the content of some of my works.
In my still life paintings I use plants from home and nearby parks and gardens. The glassware containers, portrayed in many of these still life paintings, are part of a large collection sourced from op shops. When arranging still life compositions I consider height, form and light.
My on-going interest in nature and the arts will lead me on unknown paths. But as concepts and ideas fill my visual diaries I see opportunities for exciting new projects and artworks.


1999 Graduate Diploma of Education, Teaching Methods: Art, University of Ballarat

1976 Diploma of Fine Art: Painting, R.M.I.T